We are Banatu

Banatu Filmak is an audiovisual distribution and production company based in the Basque Country.

It was born in 2010, its main objective is to distribute and promote short films, documentaries and feature films at festivals, not to mention other frameworks of exhibition, or sales to the tv, as well as organizing audiovisual festivals and other services.

The Philosophy of the company is to keep direct contact with our customers and identifying with the content that we distribute.
We treat your audiovisual work as our own.

A professional team ...

… With a vast experience in film and television and in the organization of festivals such as 'Cortada' in Vitoria-Gasteiz, 'Humor en Corto' in Arrigorriaga, and 'Begibistan' in Amurrio:

Aitor Arenas Suso

Distribution and sales.
aitor@banatufilmak.com T: +34 617819726

Iker Roman


Alberto Escamilla

finance division.

Banatu: Location and Contact Information

Banatu Filmak

Lanbarketa 1, bajo. 48480, Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia). SPAIN)

Tf: +34 94 405 76 88 | e-mail: info@banatufilmak.com

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Lanbarketa 1, bajo. 48480, Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia). SPAIN

Tf: 944057688 | e-mail: info@banatufilmak.com