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I Am Haiti

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In Haiti, the ancestors say if something is foretold, it will happen no matter how, and nobody can change that. Artist Celeur is inspired by this Voodoo culture to create his sculptures, a reflection of the complex reality of this Caribbean country. The thoughts of the sculptor are framing the lives of Oriental, a waif youngster and Marah, who had to live by herself as a street kid in Port-au-Prince. A portrait of Haiti, and a vindication of the African roots of the country.

Main Information


Date of production:  09/2014

Director: Raúl de la Fuente

Genre:  Documental.

Subject: Haití,vudú, superación, arte, música, derechos humanos.


B/W: Color

Length:  66min.

Shooting format:  HD.

Screening format:  DVD, FULL HD, BLU-RAY, DCP.

Language: Francés, Creole

Subtitles: Inglés, español.

Sound:  Estéreo (DVD, HD, FULL HD), 5.1 (DCP)

Ratio:  2.35          

Speed:  24fps (DCP), 25 fps (DVD, HD, FULL HD)                                 

Country: España


Place of shooting: Haití

Date and place of first screening:  25/09/2014, San Sebastián (España).

Technical details

Screenplay: Amaia Remírez, Raúl de la Fuente, Alejandro Pacheco

Executive production: Alejandro Pacheco, Amaia Remírez

Production director: Amaia Remírez

Cinematography: Raúl de la Fuente

Editing: Natxo Leuza, Raúl de la Fuente

Assistant Director: Amaia Remírez

Sound: Raúl de la Fuente

Sound postproduction: Ernesto Santana

Image Postproduction: Axel O'Mill

OST: Mikel Salas


Content director: Alejandro Pacheco

Director and scriptwriter for cinema and television since 1996 and CEO and founder of Kanaki Films. His storytelling is always about bringing beauty and meaningfulness to what’s in front of his camera. Raul the la Fuente has traveled the world in search for stories, directing and writing the script for documentaries, spots, short films and TV programs in India, Angola, Lapland, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Peru, Cuba, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Poland, USA, Canada, Qatar, New Caledonia, Haiti, Benin, Togo…


He is currently directing ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE, together with Damian Nenow, an animation film incorporating live action. The film is produced by Kanaki Films and the Oscar Nominee animation studio Platige Image (Poland), in coproduction with companies in Belgium and Germany. ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE is the adaptation of the book by the same title by the master of journalism Ryszard Kapuscinski, an account of the three months of civil war he lived in Angola, when the country was on the brink of independence from the metropolis, Portugal.


His first feature film NÖMADAK TX – Producers: Arena Comunicación / Txalap. Art- was the most awarded Spanish documentary film at International film festivals in 2007 (17 prizes and more than 150 festivals). Released in 2006 at San Sebastian International Film Festival, got the CICAE Special Mention. With this film Raul de la Fuente got the Best Young Director Award at Guadalajara IFF, México, 2007.


And NÖMADAK TX was elected by the audience as the 2nd Favourite of the 20 years of history of IDFA, on a ranking headed by “Darwin’s Nightmare. The film got theatrical exhibition in cinemas in Spain and among other countries has been distributed in Germany, UK, Australia, Poland, Austria and Benelux.


His latest work, MINERITA, has won the Goya Award, Spanish Cinema Academy, for Best Short Documentary Film 2014. The film is having an outstanding career, with over 90 selections since its release in October 2013 at international film festivals such as IDFA (Amsterdam) or Clermont-Ferrand (France) and has been elected to represent Spain at the filmmakers gathering organized by UNESCO-Golden Nights in Paris. MINERITA has won 20 international prizes so far and got theatrical.


Director Raúl de la Fuente was also Nominee for the Goya in Best Short Film category in 2012 for BLACK VIRGIN, (VIRGEN NEGRA), a short film about how sex is for Mozambican women.


During 2013 Raúl shot in Port-au-Prince the feature documentaries I AM HAITI and the Haitian Trilogy BAD CARD, TATTOO LOVE and ELLE.



Direction: Lanbarketa 1 bajo, 48480. Arrigorriaga. (Bizkaia).  SPAIN.

Contact: Aitor Arenas

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