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We are Banatu Filmak!

Banatu Filmak is an audiovisual production and distribution company based in the Basque Country
It was born in 2010, its main objective is to distribute and promote short films, feature films and documentaries at festivals, not to mention other platforms for film exhibition, or sales to television, as well as organizing audiovisual contests and other services.

What do we offer?

We put your film on the market, handle distribution to festivals, study alternative channels for exhibition ...
Marketing and publicity of the film
Sale to festivals, institutions and television
Presentation of the catalogued works, both physically and online.
Consultation and advice on production and distribution

Lanbarketa 1, bajo. 48480, Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia). SPAIN

Tf: 944057688 | e-mail: info@banatufilmak.com